HMB for Building Muscle

HMB for Building Muscle

For newcomers to exercise and lifting weights, regardless of how effective their workout routines are, they will almost always see improvements in their fitness, health, strength, and overall wellbeing. Unfortunately, those benefits don't persist indefinitely, leaving you hunting for new methods to boost the stakes. Anyone who has been in the fitness game for much more than a year or two understands that you can't expect to get consistent results if you keep doing the same things.

Progressive overload is a muscle-building and strength-building concept in which you keep looking for ways to either raise the weight lifted over time, increase the number of reps performed, or minimize the rest periods. Researchers have discovered that one supplement is extremely effective when trying to increase your muscle mass and strength capacity or feeling a little extra sore following a new workout: Hydroxymethylbutyrate or more commonly known as HMB.

Benefits of HMB

According to research HMB supplementation has been linked to a variety of health benefits, particularly in the field of body composition. Muscle mass growth and decreased muscular breakdown are two of the main benefits. Here are a few of the potential advantages of supplementing with HMB.

Help Reduce Muscle Degradation

HMB (Hydroxymethylbutyrate) functions by inhibiting the degradation of amino acids. Consider this; when you begin a new program, you will likely suffer more muscular discomfort than usual as muscle fibers are subjected to higher muscle damage. If your prime objective is to bulk up your physique and build muscle, the very last thing you want is for all that hard-earned muscle to be broken down even more. HMB can help you out in this situation. As a result, you can train harder and more intensely while experiencing less muscle breakdown and a faster recovery.

Aid in Muscle Growth

We certainly know that by reducing muscle degradation, HMB inadvertently helps with muscle growth. However, according to recent research, HMB also benefits the elderly and those people who have never undergone any training. In this study, those who took HMB and underwent resistance exercise at the same time grew more muscle than those who only did resistance training.

Help in Exercise Adaptation

According to certain studies, HMB may help with workout adaptations. This is a long-term shift rather than a short-term one. In a 12-week study of 16 professional rowers, researchers discovered that ingesting 3 grams of HMB daily boosted physical activity endurance and peak anaerobic power while also significantly reducing fat mass.


HMB would be a useful addition to any training regime as we know that it helps to prevent muscular degeneration, aid in muscle growth and helps in exercise adaption. HMB is very versatile and would be a useful addition during bulking and would be even more beneficial when cutting whilst trying to maintain lean muscle mass. Last but not less, supplementing with HMB will also mean less delayed onset muscle soreness and faster recovery!