Benefits of Naturally Flavoured and Sweetened Proteins

Benefits of Naturally Flavoured and Sweetened Proteins

When it comes to added sugars in our food, we know that less is more. Most processed foods including sweets, sodas, and even tomato sauce have added sugar. The problem of added sugars are numerous which is why most people try to limit their sugar consumption. However, it can be challenging to avoid. Instead of avoiding consumption, many people are turning to natural sweeteners such as stevia.

If you regularly use protein powder and supplements, then chances are you're already health conscious. Some protein powders may contain a fair amount of sugar or sweeteners. Since protein powders can have an unsavory aftertaste, having one that contains a sweetener is fairly common. However, what you may not know is that there are many benefits of using proteins that only contain natural ingredients rather than ones with artificial flavours and sweeteners.

Fewer Side Effects

Although we don't always know the full extent of artificial ingredients, we know from some studies that they have been linked to negative side effects. For example, studies involving aspartame in rats showed multiple negative effects. When it comes to natural ingredients, flavours and sweeteners, you can expect to not have the same risk factors. The human body can process some chemicals but this may lead to poor metabolism and can increase a person's risk of some diseases or conditions over time. Using natural protein sources such as a whey protein with only natural ingredients, you can safely enjoy this without worrying about long-term negative effects.

Improved Taste

As you probably know, many artificial ingredients also have their own flavour profile. This is the reason why so many people don't like having diet sodas or other "diet" foods, since many artificial ingredients have an aftertaste. You may be surprised to find that when you get a protein that has only natural ingredients, the taste is significantly improved. This is something many people don't realize because they may not have tried a natural option before. However, once you do, it's hard to go back to the artificial version.

Potentially Greater Effects

Although this is an area which likely needs more research, many people believe when they use a protein that contains only natural flavours and sweeteners, they have witnessed faster results. This may not always be the case and there are many other factors to consider. .However, a more natural source means that your body can more easily break the protein down and then use it for building muscle after a workout.

These are just a few of the benefits of using proteins that contain natural ingredients but there are many others. You may be surprised to find that you enjoy a natural protein and the benefits. With more people than ever before worried about their food sources, it's important to consider the ingredients in both foods and supplements. The next time you're in the market for protein, consider the benefits of natural options.